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Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

The pharmaceutical industry requires complex process tanks and solutions consisting of different aggregated systems with various configurations. Biomashin has a wide product range of tanks and apparatuses for the pharmaceutical industry. We use the latest inventions in terms of engineering and production of such equipment.


Powder Product Mixer

The advantages of the mixer for powdered products that we offer are expressed in the effective mixing of the components through slow rotating motion that guarantees good mixing.

Powder Product Mixer, basic design

  • Made of stainless steel AISI 316L/AISI316Ti
  • Surface in contact with the product Ra 1.6÷0.4 µm
  • Working capacity up to 1000l
  • Working position – horizontal
  • Manhole for products feeding
  • Discharge outlet
  • Control system enabling the mixer to be programmed to rotate in two directions with the help of a timer situated in the control panel. When it stops, the mixer is in loading position.