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Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

The pharmaceutical industry requires complex process tanks and solutions consisting of different aggregated systems with various configurations. Biomashin has a wide product range of tanks and apparatuses for the pharmaceutical industry. We use the latest inventions in terms of engineering and production of such equipment.


Tanks – Homogenizer

The term “homogenization” means a process of emulsification of the fluid in another or uniform dispersion of solids in a liquid to increase density, stability, durability, aroma and other qualities of the products.
Biomashin offers tanks for homogenizers for cosmetic emulsions used for production of creams, gels, tooth paste, cleansing milk, etc. 

Tanks – Homogenizer, basic design

  • Made of stainless steel AISI 316L/AISI316Ti
  • Surface in contact with the product Ra 1.6÷0.4 µm
  • Volume from 100 to 1000l
  • Ability to work under pressure and vacuum
  • Heat-exchanging device – outer serpentine
  • Insulation with mineral wool or PU-foam, covered with fully welded insulation cladding