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Food and canning

Food – this is all products suitable for eating and drinking. Their consumption provides fundamental nutrients and pleasure. Food is generally consumed after plant and animal products have gone through some thermal treatment.



S&T heat-exchangers

S&T heat-exchangers are widely spread. Their simplified design makes them a perfect solution when it comes to heating or cooling processes for wide application.

Biomashinostroene AD is equipped with up-to-date machines suitable for the production of S&T heat-exchangers made of stainless steel. We have highly efficient equipment for the production of plates. To fix the tubes to the plates, we use specialized instruments as well as automatic orbital welding heads.

Biomashin’s equipment and technologies, as well as experience, allow us to cover all hygiene standards for heat-exchangers used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

For heat-exchangers working under pressure we offer product certification in accordance with PED 97/23/EC. During their construction we apply the European norm for design EN 13445 or AD -2000 Merkblaetter.

Biomashinostroene AD covers the highest levels of quality of welded joints with the support and supervision of our welding control and quality control.

T&T Heat-Exchangers

T&T heat-exchangers find their application in the heating processes of liquid products when the process does not require high fluctuations in the inlet and outlet temperatures.

T&T heat-exchangers represent concentric tubes into one another. To increase the heat-transfer coefficient in heat treatment of viscous products, helical inserts with variable direction of rotation are used.