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Food and canning

Food – this is all products suitable for eating and drinking. Their consumption provides fundamental nutrients and pleasure. Food is generally consumed after plant and animal products have gone through some thermal treatment.


Mixing Tank for Viscous Products

Mixing tanks for viscous products find their application in the production of food and canning that requires specific working conditions and mixing of the components. Processes like mixing, stirring, heating or cooling, as well as storage take place in these tanks.

The equipment that we offer guarantees optimal control of mixing processes as well as precise control of the thermal processes in time. We focus on the potential for easy and reliable cleaning of the tanks so that contamination of the food is prevented.

Mixing Tank for Viscous Products, basic design:

  • Volume: from 150l to 20 000l. Other volumes available upon request
  • Made of stainless-steel AISI 304/2В
  • Surface in contact with the product 2В, grinded welding seams with level of grinding Ra≤ 1.2µm
  • Insulation made of mineral wool on shell and bottom, and with fully welded stainless-steel cladding
  • Heating/cooling jacket on shell and bottom of the tank with maximum allowable working pressure of 3 bar for optimal cooling/heating
  • Slow-moving mixing mechanism with design oriented to satisfy the requirements of process and product
  • Cleaning system with specially selected elements and calculated parameters ensuring impeccable cleaning