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Juices and water

Juices are natural liquids contained in fruits and vegetables. There is a wide variety of juices on the market that can satisfy all tastes and preferences. However, water is still the most popular drink around the globe no matter of the form it is offered – fizzy, still or flavoured. Water plays a crucial role in human’s life.


Tank for Mixing or/and Storage

Modern methods of storage and processing of juices include concentration, pasteurization, freezing, boiling, and maintain the utmost quality of natural juices. The main factors that may reduce their quality are change of the storage temperature, access of oxygen and light.

Biomashin offers optimal design for the tanks for mixing and/or storage of syrups, juices, nectars, and non-fizzy drinks. Depending on the technology and the product, these tanks work either under pressure or at atmospheric conditions. They could be installed outside or inside as by the use of different heat-exchanging devices, insulation and control devices, constant temperature of the product is guaranteed.

Tanks for Mixing and/or Storage, basic design

  • Volume: standard up to 50 000l
  • Made of stainless-steel AISI 304/2В
  • Surfaces in contact with the product2В, welding seams grinded with sandpaper Р180, Ra≤ 1.2µm
  • Heat-exchanging device
  • Insulation made of mineral wool on shell and bottom, insulation cladding fully welded
  • Agitator with design oriented at the requirements of the process and the product
  • Cleaning system with specially selected elements and calculated parameters ensuring impeccable cleaning