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Juices and water

Juices are natural liquids contained in fruits and vegetables. There is a wide variety of juices on the market that can satisfy all tastes and preferences. However, water is still the most popular drink around the globe no matter of the form it is offered – fizzy, still or flavoured. Water plays a crucial role in human’s life.


Storage Tank for Water

Storage tanks for water are mainly used in factories for bottling still and fizzy water. However, they also find application in other areas of the food industry. Their purpose is to store the water before it is being bottled.

Biomashin produces stainless-steel storage tanks for water in accordance with the requirements for hygiene of food products and drinks, in particular mineral water. The tanks ensure the required purity of stored water. The tanks can be equipped with a filter system for sterilization of air which prevents the penetration of mechanical and microbiological contaminants in the water.

Storage Tank for Water, basic design

  • Volume: up to 250 m3 produced in the company
  • Made of stainless-steel AISI 304
  • Surfaces in contact with the product 2В, welding seams grinded with grinding level of Ra≤ 1.2µm
  • Insulation made of mineral wool on shell and top, insulation cladding fully welded. Accurate calculation of exact insulation thickness for tanks stored outside depends on the specific climate conditions.
  • Cleaning system with specially selected elements and calculated parameters ensuring impeccable cleaning