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Wine is produced through fermentation of crushed grapes by using different types of yeast. The yeast is fed by the sugar in the grapes and turns them into alcohol. Different sorts of grapes and yeast are used to produce a wide variety of exclusive wines.


White Wine Fermentor

Fermentation is a chemical process in which grapes sugars under the impact of the wine yeast transforms into alcohol. A considerable amount of carbon dioxide and heat are released due to this process. Fermentation proceeds with different speed depending on the environmental temperature. At high-temperature (over 20°С) fermentation is fast and vigorous, while at low-temperature (12-15°С) the same process is much slower. It is worth to mention that at very rapid fermentation the end product does not possess special qualities, while the slower and well-controlled fermentation creates prerequisites for producing high-quality and exclusive wines. 
Maceration is a very important and at the same time very delicate process of vinification/ wine-making. It requires vast experience and continuous monitoring. Only if this process is managed correctly, does the wine have the exact taste, colour and aroma.

Wine-producers oriented at slow and well-managed fermentation use the modern and high-quality Biomashin fermentors.

The main difference between red and white wine production is that for the red wines, membranes, flesh, and seeds are not removed at the very beginning. This is the so called “maceration”. The duration of this process depends on the technologist as well as on the level of colouring and aromatic substances that are required.

Fermentation usually runs in tanks made of either stainless steel or oak barrels. After the yeast is added, fermentation occurs. A considerable amount of carbon dioxide is released during fermentation which raises and pushes all solids to the top where they form the so called “hat”

White Wine Fermentor, basic design

  • Upper manhole
  • Double action valve
  • Heating/Cooling Jacket
  • Inlet/Outlet with decanting elbow
  • Sample valve
  • Elliptical manhole
  • Level meter
  • Total discharge
  • Valve for inert gas
  • Thermometer