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Milk is an ancient product – as the human species itself. Ancient are also the human experience and methods for milk processing. The equipment that Biomashin offers combines the ancient knowledge of traditional milk products with modern technologies for processing. We offer a wide product range of apparatuses for processing of milk and its transformation into different milk products: yoghurt, cream, butter, soft and hard cheeses, etc.


Process Tank

Process tanks are used for production of dairy products when the technology requires maintenance of a certain temperature regime and stirring of the components. The processes that run in them are for treatment, inoculation, maturation, assertion, homogenization, fermentation of yoghurt and other dairy products.

When designing and producing process tanks for milk, we pay much attention to hygiene which plays an essential role for quality of the produced dairy products. The equipment that we offer guarantees optimal control of stirring processes of milk with added components as well as precise control of thermal processes in time.

Process Tank, basic design

  • Volume: from 160l up to 20 000l. Dimensions could be customized upon request
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304/2В
  • Surfaces in contact with the product 2В, welding seams polished with sandpaper Р180, Ra≤ 1.2µm
  • Insulation with mineral wool on shell and bottom, fully welded insulation cladding
  • Heating/Cooling system on shell and bottom of the tank with maximum allowable working pressure of 3bar for optimal cooling/heating.
  • Agitator with construction fully oriented towards the requirements of process and product.
  • Cleaning system with specially selected elements and calculated parameters ensuring impeccable cleaning