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Milk is an ancient product – as the human species itself. Ancient are also the human experience and methods for milk processing. The equipment that Biomashin offers combines the ancient knowledge of traditional milk products with modern technologies for processing. We offer a wide product range of apparatuses for processing of milk and its transformation into different milk products: yoghurt, cream, butter, soft and hard cheeses, etc.


CIP tanks

Biomashin designs and produces installations and tanks for cleaning in place of process equipment. The installations that we offer could be mobile or stationary. According to their level and capacity, the installations could be manual or automated.

The specific function of the tanks in these installations requires maintenance of precise volumes in order to achieve correct concentrations of the contained washing solutions. At smaller capacities, tempering and maintenance of concentrations of the washing solutions is done in the CIP tanks themselves through heat-exchanging devices and stirring mechanisms.

Based on our vast experience, Biomashin offers a standard range of CIP tanks starting from 1000l to 20 000l.

CIP tanks, basic design

  • Material: stainless steel AISI 304/ ЕN 1.4301 or AISI 316L/1.4404
  • Insulation with mineral wool and fully welded insulation cladding made of stainless steel, if cladding is needed
  • Overflow
  • Level control equipment