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Wine is produced through fermentation of crushed grapes by using different types of yeast. The yeast is fed by the sugar in the grapes and turns them into alcohol. Different sorts of grapes and yeast are used to produce a wide variety of exclusive wines.


Storage Tank

Storage tanks are used for fermentation of grapes must and for storage of wine without pressure. The advantage of Biomashin’s tanks is their irreproachable quality. All welding seams are done automatically and their surface is irreproachably treated which ensures easy and quick maintenance of the equipment as well as good appearance.

Biomashin works on actual projects and orders. We always conform to the requirements and technology of our customers, and we consult them with one of the best Bulgarian wine technologists. We offer a wide range of auxiliary equipment such as regulation of temperature, cranes, mixing mechanisms, cleaning systems, etc.  We could also help with elaboration and positioning of the tanks in the winery including platforms, ladders, etc.

Storage tank, basic design

  • Upper manhole
  • Double action valve
  • Valve for inert gas
  • Level meter
  • Elliptical manhole
  • Sample valve
  • Inlet/Outlet
  • Total Discharge