Our products, services, and production processes are being constantly modernized and improved so that we adapt easily and more effectively to the fast-changing economic environment as well as the higher requirements of the market.

A large share of our income is allocated for R&D and material resources, which are essential when it comes to optimization of technological processes. We are constantly implementing new production technologies.

We at Biomashin are innovative but at the same time pure realists – we always try to find the optimal and most efficient  solutions for our customers.

Production Technologies

One of the main advantages of Biomashin is that the company possesses complex and universal up-to-date technological equipment for building equipment made of stainless steel.

The production workshop is fully equipped with all range automatic welding machines, machines for treatment of sheet material, machines with CNC as well as equipment for grinding and polishing. This enables the production of diverse and complicated designs made of stainless steel with very high quality.